Linda's modern interpretation of a traditional form of origami. Multiple cranes are created from a single sheet of paper, where the cranes are carefully folded with the wings, heads and tails still attached to one another. This intricate form of origami is Linda's specialty.

"The inspiration for this form of Origami came from the oldest book on Origami called 'Hiden Sembazuru Orikata', or the 'Secret of 1,000 Cranes Origami', published in 1797 in Japan. The book is a study of a series of Origami cranes folded from a single sheet of paper.

"I have taken some of the principles in the book to create 'multiple crane' creations all folded from one sheet of paper. A breakthrough came when I created the 'Peace Sphere', a three-dimensional globe of 18 cranes from a single sheet of paper. It took five years to develop and create.

"It is my goal as an artist to continue to develop this multiple crane technique into new patterns and sculptures. I love the fact that this art looks different from far away than up close. The details make the art a great conversation piece!"

Linda T. Mihara

This origami art makes a great gift for wedding anniversaries or special birthdays.
Peace Sphere
1,000 Cranes
Multiple Cranes
Purple and Gold Cranes
Heart of Gold
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36 Cranes