Linda Tomoko Mihara

To create a framed art piece from your sembazuru, there are 3 things to consider:

DESIGN.  Have an idea on what design you would like.  Not everyone has a Family Crest or ‘Mon’, so consider favorite things like flowers and cranes.  I can then create a design just for you. You may also get some ideas by viewing my work on the 1,001 Cranes page.  
CRANES.  These must be folded in a specific way.  Color choices depend on the design.
FRAME.  Some options include UV treated glass or plexi, and special frame colors.

Once you have a design in mind, contact me to discuss next steps.  Be sure to plan time to fold the cranes, at least 3 months. Get you family and friends to help, and make sure you let everyone know how you want the cranes folded.  Also, let them know when you need to have the cranes back to you.  Plan about 100 ‘extra’ cranes in your total.

My turnaround time is generally 1-2 months.  Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of design and frame choices.  Contact me with your ideas and due date, then I can give you an estimate.

Contact Linda here.



Crane instructional video to be     posted soon!